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Are you pregnant and looking to start a business?
Or are you on maternity leave and think entrepreneurship could be for you?
Or maybe you've been a small business owner for a while now and now you're starting on the adventure of motherhood?
Wherever you are on your Expecting Entrepreneurial journey this book is for you. 
You're not alone. You can make it happen.


The Expecting

Create your future. Live the life you want. Pregnancy is not the start of a new story, it is the start of a new chapter. New characters are introduced and new settings and experiences, but you are still the lead. You are still the main character in your story, and you can write it any way you want to.

Starting a business is often about creating balance, taking back control and manufacturing your own success. Pregnancy and motherhood are frequently seen as barriers to this success. Somehow, somewhere it was decided the two things, pregnancy and starting a business, are too difficult to go together - that you must choose. I call bull.

This book will show you that it is only you that decides. If you choose you can have both. I did. But I had to think about it...


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What readers are saying ...

‘I read your wonderful book in one sitting. Your skills resonate throughout.

I found it extremely helpful’

About the author 

Lemon Tree Coaching - Coach Mindset Hypn

   Meet Lauren Malone 

Lauren Malone lives in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire with her husband, Luke and son, Oak. She is a Deep Mindset Transformation Coach, supporting female entrepreneurs to thrive and achieve their success.

As a Master Practitioner in Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and NLP Coaching, Lauren has deeply explored the power of the unconscious mind and it's ability to create the reality we desire. Through her business, Lemon Tree Coaching and Development, Lauren works with women who want to put down their baggage, release their negative emotions and limiting beliefs and become the architects of their own lives.

In The Expecting Entrepreneur, Lauren draws on the experience and knowledge she gained through her own journey of self-development, while she was pregnant with her son and starting her business.


It is her mission to encourage a change of attitude. Instead of 'don't do it' in answer to their Google searches into starting a business when pregnant - as was Lauren's story - women will find in this book that 'you can do whatever you want, whenever you want'.

The next generation of Expecting Entrepreneurs are not 'brave' or 'crazy'. They're normal, accepted and brilliant.


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To learn more about Lauren, the work she does with her clients and to access further resources visit Lemon Tree Coaching and Development

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